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Aerial shooting from HD to 4K and above

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Established in 1993, Papa Sierra is highly active in the field of aerial filming and has operated a large number of missions. Always in touch with helicopter companies around the world, Papa Sierra is based in Paris and uses this location as a springboard for global activities. Equipped by its own gear, the camera preparation is performed by our maintenance lab. This means that the quality of work is guaranteed, and you can get assured that your images will conform 1:1 to your requirements.
Now Papa Sierra is able to propose prestations via drones with the similar quality level that offer helicopter. Drones does not compete helicopter but complete the current offer where the use of helicopter is not an option.


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6 HD systems are proposed to you by Papa Sierra

  • 1 HD Wescam 750 fitted with a SONY HDC-F950 camera
    lens focal ratio : 36 (long focal length 750 mm)
  • 1 V14HD Cineflex fitted with a SONY HDC-F950 camera
    two possible lenses: 22X7.8 mm and 42X9.7 mm
  • 3 V14HD Cineflex fitted with a SONY HDC-1500 camera
    two possible lenses: 42X9.7 mm and 22X7.8 mm
  • 1 V14HDU Cineflex fitted with the recent SONY HDC-1500-R
    two possible lenses 42X9.7 mm and 13X4.5 mm
    The latter benefits from exclusive, world-premiere features,
    including Overlay and auto-tracking, previously restricted to research systems.
  • 1 ELITE Cineflex fitted with a ARRI ALEXA-M Super 35 mm camera
    two possible lenses: Canon CN-E30-300 mm and CN-E14,5-60 mm

The systems can be affixed to most helicopter makes and models.
Bell 206B et Bell 407, the entire Ecureuil line in nose and side conformations, EC 120 et EC 135.

The following equipement and media are available to carry out HD recording:

  • HD CAM SR model SRW-1 (3 recorders available)
  • HD CAM model HDW-S280/1
  • XD CAM HD 4:2:2 (23GB or 50GB disks) (2 recorders available)
  • XDCAM HD EX (2 Sony SXS 32GB cards available)
  • AJA Ki PRO Mini (2 SSD 64 GB cards available)


Papa Sierra brings you the professional experience required to set up an aerial shooting, respecting your artistic choices as much as possible within the scope of your production budget.


    Papa Sierra brings you our expertise

  • Authorization requests,
  • Flight plan deposits,
  • Meteorologic surveys,
  • Constitution of the team

Papa Sierra travels worldwide

, and are always ready to set up his equipment on helicopters closest to your shooting site.


Papa Sierra's systems are packaged in flycase, and can follow the team as accompanied baggage to most destinations. (about 250 Kg, an ATA carnet must be planned beyond EU borders).

The Drone : Wherever crane is limited by size and the helicopter by its lack of proximity and approximation to shoot the subject.

papasierra-camera_Red_Epic_Dragon.png We have a wide range of drones whose answer all the specific shooting rules. According to the regulations in use, we propose drones whose gross weight will fly in town under certains conditions. Other drones with larger weight capacity are also available. We offer cameras that can go above 4k definitions such as RED DRAGON.
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The image stability is part of a special attention from us to stay at the same quality level that made the success of Papa Sierra with Cineflex. Our team are trained to satisfy the most demanding directors. But they also strenght of proposal. Due to their high knowledge of the equipment and regulations, working with Papa Sierra Team is a guarantee of security and serenity. papasierra-drone_Cinestar_octo.png
  • cinema
  • divers
  • drone
  • evenement
  • sport
  • television
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tournage des images aériennes par Papasierra
"Quand on vous donne autant d'argent pour faire un film aussi inédit que Home - entièrement tourné depuis un hélicoptère et en haute définition - la responsabilité est énorme, et le stress permanent. J'ai géré tout cela à l'instinct, comme toujours, c'est-à-dire en apprenant sur le tas : nous nous sommes vite rendu compte que l'équipe de tournage devait se réduire, dans l'hélicoptère, à un pilote, un cadreur et un ingénieur vision. Puis il a fallu gérer les contraintes techniques, liées à la nouvelle caméra que nous utilisions, et aux conditions de tournage, différentes pour chacun des pays que nous survolions."
     - Yann Arthus-Bertrand


23 bis, rue Danjou
92100 Boulogne Cedex
Tél : 01 46 10 05 16
Fax : 01 46 21 68 74

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