Starting with the sport all port side, with the 2020 Vendée Globe edition.

Three shooting helicopters took part in the retransmissions of the Vendée departure, two of which were equipped with gyro-stabilized gimbals, the GSS B512 UHD, equipped with SONY HDC-P50 and the Canon CJ45X zoom.
Whatever the turbulence, the wind, and the movements of the helicopter, the close-ups are as sharp and precise as those of a standing camera. In addition, in the event of bad weather, rain and spray, the “Rain Spiner”, a front window which rotates at several hundred revolutions per minute, allows the immediate ejection of water for a perfectly clean image.

Particularity of this departure: one of the helicopters was in charge of filming the starting line live, equipped with the GEOPRO option. It makes it possible to achieve augmented reality and to broadcast the starting line embedded in the image, exactly as if this line had been painted on the sea!