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Aerial shootings for cinema, events and advertising.
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We are specialized in aerial filming

Worldwide since 1993


Helicopter with
onboard camera

PAPA SIERRA produces and supplies movies, TV’s and events producers with on-board cameras for helicopters, cars and boats.

Aerial Shooting

Worldwide contacts with helicopter companies

Equipment Rental

Rental and installation of gyro-stabilized system


On-board camera for helicopters, boats and cars.

On-board camera system

Organization, shooting and rental


Rental and installation of gyrostabilized system with integrated HD camera or 4k quality.


Aerial DOP and Technicians.


Worldwide contacts with helicopter companies


Shooting organization.


Flight and filming authorisations


Equipment transport and logistics.

ATA Carnet, equipment certification, booking and preparation of technical luggage according to the airlines.

GSS B512 UHD/4K Broadcast

UHD system dedicated to TV live events and documentary film production.

2 systems equipped with Sony HDC-P50 and its 2/3 inch revolutionary Tri-CMos Global Shutter sensor.

Available lenses :
Powerful 45 times Zoom Canon JC45X9.7

Optional « Rain Spinner » removing all the rain and water drops from the lens.
Optional central INS for recorded or live Geolocation and Augmented Reality



HD movie and TV quality

1 system dedicated to digital cinema equipped with ARRI Alexa-M camera
Available lenses: Canon 30-300 and 14.5-60.

6 HiDef V14 systems including a GEO + tracking equipped with SONY HDC-1500R camera.
Available lenses: Funinon 13X or 22X or 42X

GSS C520 8K

System dedicated to cinema and advertising

Equipped with a RED EPIC HELIUM camera.

Available lenses:
Angénieux Anemorphic 44-440 – Spherical 25-250
Canon 30-300 and 14.5-60
Fujinon 4K CJ45 45X9,7.

Wescam HD

Unrestricted Customs System

Equipped with a Sony HDC or W-F-950 camera





The Earth from Above


Papa Sierra
Aerial stock footage

Thousands of hours of aerial video dailies for your video productions: Cinema, commercials & television.
From wild and unexplored nature to overcrowded cities, discover the world “From the sky” shot in more than 70 countries including the Yann Arthus Bertrand collection.

Yann Arthus Bertrand

The videos and dailies of director and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
More than 100 collections classified by themes.

Give wings to
your video productions

Thousands of hours of aerial HD and 4K video from all over the world.
Downloadable dailies, per second rates.

Our references

More than 1000 missions in 10 years

Spirou & Fantasio Big Adventures

Alexander Coffre

The Transporter

Camille Delamarre

Entre amis

Olivier Barrou


Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Lucas Belvaux

Vendée Globle

24h of Le Mans

Le Tour de France


Vendée Globe 2020-2021

Vendée Globe 2020-2021

Starting with the sport all port side, with the 2020 Vendée Globe edition. Three shooting helicopters took part in the retransmissions of the Vendée departure, two of which were equipped with gyro-stabilized gimbals, the GSS B512 UHD, equipped with SONY HDC-P50 and...

Vendée Globe 2020-2021

Vendée Globe 2020-2021

À commencer par le sport tout bâbord, avec l'édition 2020 du Vendée Globe. Trois hélicoptères de prise de vue ont participé aux retransmissions du départ du Vendée dont deux équipés des boules gyrostabilisées, les GSS B512 UHD, équipées de SONY HDC-P50 et du zoom...


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